Prefabricated Structures

is the fastest system in the modern-day.


Pre-fabricated construction is suggested for disaster-prone regions / high wind velocity areas. It is earthquake resistant and can withstand huge cyclones. These prefabricated shades are light in weight. and it's very strong on the internal side. that's why it is less probable for damage by earthquakes.

Zero Maintenance

Pre-Fabricated construction has almost zero maintenance and is very slow aging fabricated industrial shed structures compares to conventional building construction.

Construction Speed

construction speed is very fast Pre-fabricated construction is extremely lightweight and dimensionally accurate. It’s very easy and simple to assemble the structure and It saves around 40% as compared to conventional construction., that's why it is better for site office.

cost of sheds

Prefabricated construction is a cost-saver for the Builder, Contractor, and user. Its lightweight structure reduces the cost, faster completion means earlier handover and faster recovery of payment, less maintenance and insulation saves running cost in the long term.

Heat & Sound Insulation

Prefabricated shed construction is durable construction that you can use lifelong. These steel structures are designed on steel designing software’s like STAAD and can be designed up to the life of 50 years.

Durable & Robust prefabricated modern shed construction

Prefabricated shed construction are durable constructions that you can use lifelong. These steel structures are designed on steel designing software’s like STAAD, and can be designed up to the life of 50 years.

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Industrial Sheds is a highly experienced building company specializing in the design and of structure steel buildings.

What a great company! I am very impressed with the double garage that Industrial sheds made for me. The initial consultation was informative and took the time to measure and plan out exactly what I asked for.
They have all the necessary engineering and design skills in-house and have created an extraordinary structure for us. If the project is a little different, or a high standard of finish and attention to detail is required, my experience indicates that SGI will exceed expectations.
Rahul kashyap

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Insulated sandwich panels are composite structures that are commonly used in the construction industry for providing excellent thermal & acoustic insulation properties.

Insulated sandwich panels consisting of an insulating layer of rigid core sandwiched between two layers of structural board, used as a building material. The board can be pre-coated GI sheet (PPGI), stainless steel (SS), Cement fiberboard, ACP and the insulation core will either be expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), Polyurethane foam (PUF), Rockwool, Glasswool.


Prefabrication is the part of the construction, nowadays it is getting familiar day by day. In last 5 years, prefabricated structures are being very common for erecting a building. Even the Prefabricated Building is also has been taking hype. There are numerous reasons which you will get to know here. The Prefabricated is the best Manufacturer in Delhi NCR. We are been there in capital as well as in India’s most of states before these prefab structures were in popularity. We are gripping the major number of client bases in Delhi, Gurugram as well as in Haryana. And rooting the business to grow the business and let everyone have the best material manufactured products.


The solar industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. We
are determined to mark our footprint on the global solar market and tap into
every possible resource we come across, to live in a better world where we
rely on nature & resources to meet our requirements and thus build a future
for our coming generations to cherish.
Solar mounting structures are used to fix solar panels on surfaces like ground, RCC roof, Tin shade & building facades.
prefabricated sheds solar mounting structures are totally customized engineering and designed for each customer as per their specific site condition to minimize the field welding & labor work.


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